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Using Custom CSS
Uploading or Editing Assets and Swipe Copies
You want your attendees to network during your event
Uploading custom promo image
Updating the strapline
Using Zapier for multiple HeySummit events
Setting up footer links
Setting Up a Custom Domain
Removing HeySummit branding
Redirecting to a Thank You page after checkout
Re-ordering replays
Using ThriveCart with HeySummit
How To Preview or Edit Your Event Page
How to Manually Translate your Site
How to customise social sharing options
Changing the order of tickets
Using The Same Custom Domain For Multiple Events
Creating a Format On Your Event Landing Page Components
How to edit the copyright found in your footer
How to edit or remove the banners on your public event site
Inserting links into your text using Markdown
Inserting images into your page using Markdown
How to add a title to your event
Editing Header Links
How To Edit Copy On Your Event Pages
Customising promotion options
Customising font and colours
Delivering media files to specific attendees
Personalising The T&C's Or Privacy Policy
Enhancing attendee experience
Translating your entire summit
Adding a new header link or page on your event site
Creating Custom Registration Questions
Editing auto-generated speaker promo banners
What size should your assets (logos/images) be?
Changing the time zone for your event
Changing the background of your landing page
Changing the order of your sponsors
Choosing a Category Icon
How the Sponsor Booth Functions and How to Enable It
Changing the Size of Your Sponsor Logo
Embed Past Events On Your Website
Option to Hide Categories
Understanding The Focused Content Mode
Embed Upcoming Talks List On Your Website
Embed Current & Upcoming Events On Your Website
Custom Landing Page Redirect
Event Registration Micro-Site
Embeddable Registration Form for Your Events