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How the Sponsor Booth Functions and How to Enable It
How the Sponsor Booth Functions and How to Enable It
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Sponsor Booths is a feature designed to enhance the sponsor and attendee experience at your events and facilitate meaningful connections between sponsors and attendees by providing a comprehensive toolkit for interaction and brand presentation.

The public sponsor page not only empowers sponsors to effectively communicate their value but also offers attendees a convenient way to engage directly with sponsors.

Whether through private messaging or accessing sponsor-specific content, offers, and giveaways, this feature enhances the overall event experience.

Here's what you'll get:

Booth Availability: Event organizers now have the flexibility to enable or disable Sponsor Booths for each sponsor individually.

Sponsor Dashboard: Once enabled, sponsors gain access to their private dashboard. Here, they can update their bio, social links, media, and even add optional offers or giveaways.

Booth Inbox: Sponsors can easily manage and respond to private messages from attendees. To ensure no message goes unnoticed, email notifications are sent when sponsors are offline. Please note that the chat inbox feature is optional.

File Sharing: Both attendees and sponsors can conveniently attach photos or documents to their messages.

Public Sponsor Page: When a Sponsor Booth is enabled, a dedicated sponsor page is automatically created and linked in the main header menu. This page serves as a hub for sponsors to showcase their brand and for attendees to initiate private chats.

To activate the Sponsor Booth, head on to Content > Sponsors > (...) next to the sponsor you want to manage > Manage Sponsor:

To learn more about this cool feature, check out our informative video by clicking on this link!

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