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Using ThriveCart with HeySummit
Using ThriveCart with HeySummit
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You use and love ThriveCart to promote and take payments for your products, subscriptions and services to your customers and would like to use it to sell your HeySummit tickets.

Do note that there are limitations to our integration with ThriveCart - the best way to think of ThriveCart is as an alternative way to get your attendees into HeySummit rather than replacing our payment pop-up.


  1. If you are not using a HeySummit landing page, and are instead, hosting a landing page elsewhere, you can use ThriveCart there and then automate the importing of these attendees into HeySummit.

  2. If you are using the HeySummit landing pages, we do offer the option to use PayPal through the HeySummit checkout (if you connect your custom Business PayPal account).

The ThriveCart Experience is not one that we would fully recommend. It was designed as a bridge for those who have a completely separate funnel and want to import attendees into HeySummit rather than wanting to swap out our payment system for another.

Check this video out for more info!

You can use ThriveCart to set up upsells, and downsells, and connect your PayPal account!

Before setting up, do note that any changes you make in HeySummit will not update Ticket Prices or other information in ThriveCart. So you will have to manually remove and/or update prices in ThriveCart if you make price changes in HeySummit.

For example, if you offer an All-Access Pass with a Pre-Event, During Event and Post-Event price change, you will have to manually update ThriveCart to reflect those changes.

Also remember that if you use this integration, your summit page will not direct attendees to ThriveCart, and the Tickets tab will still direct users to your HeySummit ticket page- you will have to add the ThriveCart link manually.

Lastly, if you have affiliates and you're using ThriveCart, you will track affiliate sales and commissions through their system and not HeySummit's.

To set up:

Connecting your HeySummit event to ThriveCart is done in 3 main stages.

  1. Submitting the Secret Word

  2. Creating the Webhook

  3. Connecting ThriveCart Products to HeySummit Tickets

Firstly, submit the secret word by logging into your ThriveCart account and navigating to Thrivecart Order validation > Secret

Now, copy your Secret Word.

Open HeySummit and navigate to Event Setup > Integrations > ThriveCart Checkout and click Configure.

Paste your Secret Word in the box.

Now, to enable the Webhook, on ThriveCart, navigate to Webhooks & Notifications > View Settings.

Click Add another webhook.

Set the Webhook name to HeySummit Webhook and set the Webhook URL to

Finally, connect your ThriveCart items to HeySummit tickets. ThriveCart items can be configured as either Products, Upsells, or Downsells. Regardless of which you pick, navigate to it, and click Edit.

Copy the ID from your browser URL (see highlighted section below, after /#/products). This should be a 1-3 digit number.

Back on HeySummit, head to Revenue > Tickets and click on Manage Ticket of the ticket you wish to have your ThriveCart item linked to.

In the box labelled External ID, paste the type of item followed by a dash and the numeric ID you copied before. So for example, if your ID was 2,

  • If the item was a Product you would enter product-2

  • If the item was an Upsell you would enter upsell-2

  • If the item was a Downsell you would enter downsell-2


We recommend that you create products on ThriveCart in Test Mode first to ensure the integration works as you'd expect. After you have confirmed this, you can then switch to Live Mode. While only the Email field is required for the integration to successfully work with Heysummit, we recommend you also add First Name and Last Name to your checkout pages.

If you are using ThriveCart, you will want to use their affiliate system. Here is a HelpDoc that's useful to do this.

Important Things To Note:
After you've configured Thrivecart correctly, the attendees and their ticket purchases will be automatically created and synchronized. There's no need for any additional importing.

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