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Creating Custom Registration Questions
Creating Custom Registration Questions
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While creating your summit, you would like to find out a little more about your attendees than their name and email address which are registration fields by default. You can now add custom registration questions to your registration flow.

To add your custom registration questions, head over to Event Setup > Registration Fields and click Add Field.

You can choose between adding short text, long text, URL, drop-down, checkbox and checkbox list. When your attendees answer dropdown questions, you'll get a sweet graph that appears under Reporting > Attendees. Note that with dropdown and checkbox fields, users will be able to select only one response to each field.

You can also make each question mandatory or optional, and share the results with your speakers.

For a more targeted approach to gathering information from your attendees. You can set these questions to appear based on the type of ticket selected. This allows you to tailor questions for specific ticket holders, or even exclude certain ticket types.

You can find all the answers to your custom registration questions if you export the CSV file in Reporting > Attendees.
You can also filter and search attendee reports using custom registration questions. This means you can quickly segment your attendees based on specific responses, making it easier to understand your audience and tailor your event strategy accordingly.

When testing your custom registration questions, please note that these questions will only be visible after filling out the name and email address fields.

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