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While creating your event, you would like to know more about the tools that can help you engage with, reach out to and interact with your audience.

Quick start

Set up additional registration fields

We all know how important it is to find out as much info as possible about your attendees, especially when you have a marketing plan in place.

You can view the answers to your registration questions in the Attendee Report. Simply go to Reporting > Attendees. To export the list and see all of the data, you want to click on the Export button located above the list to the right.

Set up email

It is important to get those communications up and running so that you can be in touch with your attendees as efficiently as possible. This is why you can:

Configure your event support email

If your attendees have any issues during your Event, you can make sure that they can contact you. This way, you can report any issues to us and we can do some problem-solving together. Your communications with attendees should be kept separate from discussions with HeySummit support, as a lot of the time we will give advice on the event's set-up (which your attendees dont need to be explicitly informed about).

If you can, record any screenshots/ additional information from your attendees before reporting an issue to speed up the investigation process.

Change your event email address

By default, all HeySummit automatic emails get sent are from an email address generated especially for your summit. Normally it would look something like this: [email protected]. This displays in attendees' inbox as being from the Event Owner and the Event Name. The email address is only visible if they click into it to directly look at the email.

If you would like the automated emails to come from a specific branded address, you can change the settings by going to Emails > ... > Manage Senders. Click the three-dotted menu next to an existing sender or simply add a new sender and enter the desired email address in the Email Address field.

You can also change the name of the event owner by entering the name under the 'From Name' field (i.e change it to someone from your team whos going to be writing and sending out emails to your attendees).

Count the emails that get sent

Make sure you actually count how many emails an attendee will get in a day, especially if you:

  1. Opt to automatically sign-up all attendees to all talks, or

  2. If you have many talks

One thing to consider here is the number of 1 hour and 10 minute reminders that get sent. For example, if you have 10 talks and an attendee is signed up to all of them, they would get 10 '1 hour' reminder emails and 10 '10 minute' reminder emails if you have both of the email reminders set to Active. You might consider turning off both (or one), depending on how necessary you feel those reminders are.

Remember that your attendees always have the option of unsubscribing from email communications at the bottom of any email sent from HeySummit. They can choose to unsubscribe from all or per type of email so that they have full control.

Set up feedback questions

You can get further data about your summit by asking your attendees the right questions about their experience. Any feedback questions you set-up will be shown to attendees while the summit is live.

Make sure you set up your questions in a yes/no format, as those are the only options your attendees have. These are designed to be low friction, high response, finger-on-the-pulse questions.

  • Example: "Did you get value from the event?" NOT "What was the most valuable part of the event?"

  • To set-up feedback questions you can click on Reporting > Feedback Questions. Click on Add and ask away.

Think about your offers & giveaways

To further increase the viral draw of your event, you can set up some giveaways and offers.

Remember to think about how each is made visible to attendees. While offers only appear in the emails sent out to attendees during your event, giveaways appear under the Perks page of your summit.

Set up coupons

You can also create and share coupons with your audience, speakers or affiliates. Have a think about their limits and restrictions and you're all set in offering your audience the best value.

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