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Personalising The T&C's Or Privacy Policy
Personalising The T&C's Or Privacy Policy
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You are looking to update the current Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) that appear on your landing page footer links or at checkout.

  1. Head to Event Setup > Settings > Legal & GDPR

  2. There, you will see a field for Terms and Conditions (summary). This will change what is visible during the registration process.

  3. There are also fields for Terms & Conditions (full) and Privacy Policy (full). This will change what is seen on the dedicated pages (which can be navigated through via the footer links). If you add your own T&C or Privacy Policy, these will be added above the original HeySummit policies, but will not replace them.

  4. Do note that Markdown syntax is used to assist with formatting.

You can read more here about the Cookie Consent Popup and the Require Explicit GDPR Opt-in feature.

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