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How to Manually Translate your Site
How to Manually Translate your Site
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While creating your summit, you would like to refer to 'Speakers' as 'Presenters', or 'Categories' as 'Tracks', to suit your brand tone and what your audience is comfortable with. Or alternatively, your talks are going to be in different languages but you don't want to use our global translation feature.
You can now modify all things related to language under our Content > Translations tab.

Here are simple steps on how to do translations:

  1. When you're logged in as the event organiser, head to your Event Dashboard

  2. Select Content > Translations.

  3. From here, you can alter the various pre-written text that appears on your summit page and don't forget to Save!

When a custom translation has been added, the item will be highlighted to indicate that a custom translation has been set. In the provided screenshot, you can see that 'Sessions' is highlighted in green.

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