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While setting up your event page, you would like to personalise the font and colours.

Quick start

  1. Event Dashboard > Manage > Preview Event.

  2. Click the 'Edit Theme' icon on the lower left corner of the page.

  3. On the next screen, you should see the right-hand panel where you can find the fonts, colors, etc.


The font is the same throughout all written elements on your pages. Click on the dropdown menu to select the font you would like.

Background colour

The background colour will be applied to all pages within your event.

Text colour

The text colour refers to the written elements across your event pages. From session titles, to descriptions or ticket descriptions during checkout - this colour will be present around your entire event. When choosing a text colour, take into consideration your background colour and opt for a shade that is contrasting enough to ensure people can read it.

Main colour

The main colour affects CTA buttons across the site and emails (like the Registration CTA or the 'Share the love' button from the You're in Email). The main colour is also used when header links are selected.

Main text colour

The main text colour refers to the written elements on any background that has a main colour setup. Remember to choose a colour that contrasts with your main colour.

Highlight colour

The highlight colour shows up on secondary buttons (such as your Premium Passes CTAs), links, category icons, and highlighted elements on the landing pages.

Highlight text colour

The highlight text colour shows up on any buttons that have the highlight colour as the background. Remember to choose a colour that contrasts with your highlight colour.

Accent colour

The accent colour is used when more than two colours are needed in a component or field. For example, it can be seen in the 'Conference in Days' component or on the buttons that showcase a session that has a giveaway or offer.

Accent text colour

The accent text colour is used when the accent colour is used as the background. This text colour is currently not used extensively.

Link text colour

The link text colour is used across your site whenever there's a hyperlink available. The link text colour is also used in any emails sent by HeySummit. Remember to use a colour that can contrast with your background colour (for your site) and the emails (the email background is always going to be white).

Tips and Tricks

  • Remember to check the attendee views for both before and after they have purchased a ticket.

  • Think about the accessibility of your event and be mindful of the text and background colour choices you make. Text and background colours that are too similar will be hard to read. If you need some inspiration, you can always have a look at our original colour scheme below.

  • If you need some inspiration for getting colour hexcodes, we like using sites like this.

  • If you need to go back to basics and return to the original HeySummit theme, you can use the following values:

Background colour: #FFFFFF (white)

Text colour: #000000 (black)

Main colour: #FF447E (pink)

Main text colour: #FFFFFF (white)

Highlight colour: #2CA7F0 (blue)

Highlight text colour: #FFFFFF (white)

Accent colour: #2AFFE6 (cyan)

Accent text colour: #FFFFFF (white)

Copy and paste these codes into the colour box required.

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