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Changing the Size of Your Sponsor Logo
Changing the Size of Your Sponsor Logo
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Now that you've added your sponsors, edited their information, and included images, you may want to adjust the size at which they are displayed on your event page.

To change this, go to your Page Editor by clicking on Event Hub and selecting Edit Page. Then, navigate to the Main Sponsor Block, choose Properties, and under Main Sponsor Settings, find Logo size.

To adjust the logo size in the Sponsors Grid block, head to your Theme Editor, and then under App Settings go to Sponsor Logo Size.

Keep in mind that white spaces around the original logo image will impact how it's displayed in size on your landing page. If you wish to make it even larger, it's advisable to remove any white space around the logo before uploading it.

Logos should always be landscape or square in orientation. Anything that veers towards portrait will not display in a way that makes it legible.

On the Sponsors page, if you set a "Sidebar Promo Banner" in the Media tab while managing a sponsor, it will be displayed in the sidebar on the sponsor detail page instead of the logo. If your logo closely resembles a portrait, it could work quite nicely as the sidebar promo banner.


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