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Using Zapier for multiple HeySummit events
Using Zapier for multiple HeySummit events
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You have more than one event in your HeySummit account and you would like to know how to set up event-specific Zap using the filter feature.

Quick Start

  1. In the Zap configuration page, click the "+" to expand the Action options. Actions are additional steps that take place after the data has come in from HeySummit, but before it's sent to your third-party app. In this case the action will be to select a specific event.

  2. Select Filter from the action options.

    There are 2 ways to set up an event-specific filter:

    1. Use your event name. Note: be extra careful that spelling, punctuation and spacing exactly match your event name.

    2. Use your event ID. There are two ways you can retrieve this information. If the example data that comes through is for the event you're targeting, you can grab the event IDs since this is real sample data from that event.

    If however you don't see sample data from the event you're targeting, a bit more is required. First, set up the Zap in such a way that you receive and save the Event ID. In the example below, we set up a "Checkout Complete/Ticket Purchased" Zap to add attendee information into a Google sheet when they complete registration. We also add save the Event ID:

    From there, we turn on the Zap and run through registration on our target event to retrieve that Event ID. We then go back to edit and add the filter to the Zap.

  3. Create a filter to only continue if the Event ID exactly matches the Event ID or Event name. For example:

  4. Click Continue to save this filter. You may see an error that "The Zap would not have continued". If this happens when setting up the a Zap for an event different from the event listed in the sample data, don’t worry, this is expected and happens because the test data doesn't match the data you're using to filter. Once the Zap is live however, it will receive data from your account, and will have no issues.

We recommend setting up your Zap, and then running through registration on your event to ensure everything is set up how you want it before going live.

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