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How Speakers Join Live Sessions
How Speakers Join Live Sessions
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You have your Speakers booked in and your session scheduled. Now you're wondering how to get the ball rolling on the big day and what the Speaker flow will look like.

This really depends on the type of session you have configured. Check out the steps for native webinar integrations, custom streams, and pre-recorded content below.

Top tip: We always recommend doing a dry run on a test event of each type of video integration you're using, so you know exactly how it will work for the real thing for Speakers, Hosts, and Attendees.

Native Webinar Integration

If you've configured your video settings to use one of our native integrations (Manage Talk > Live Webinar), e.g., Zoom Webinar, BigMarker, LiveWebinar, GoToWebinar, Remo, the Host (the person that owns or can log into the webinar account) would start the session. Once they have, the Speaker can join.

So how do they join? Speakers are sent reminder emails via HeySummit for their webinar session if you have this email set to be active (which it is by default, but you can check under Emails > Speaker Emails). These emails will include their own personalized join link.

Once they click this link, they'll be taken to the webinar session in the relevant provider and should have panellist/presenter privileges (i.e., be able to share video/audio, use Q&A, etc. If you want to edit what features the Speaker will have access to, this can be done in your webinar provider's settings. If you'd prefer to send them somewhere else to join the broadcast, you can now specify an override URL. This is particularly useful if you're streaming through a provider like Vidyard and wish to send speakers to a specific panellist join page.

Speakers can also find the link to join their session via their Speaker Dashboard. Once you've sent their login details email to create their Speaker account, they can access this dashboard. If your Speaker is looking for help with setting up and using their dashboard, check this help doc out.

If you have configured your video settings to connect the session to one of our native webinar integrations, the link to join their session will appear next to the session record on their dashboard under My Talks. This will be labeled '(Webinar Link)' until 5 minutes before the session starts, when it will change to '[LIVE: Join Webinar Now].'

If you want to know how Speakers can watch sessions that they're not presenting themselves, check out this help doc on giving Attendee access to Speakers.

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