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Using the Same Webinar ID for Multiple Sessions
Using the Same Webinar ID for Multiple Sessions
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After creating your event on HeySummit, you now would like to figure out how to use one webinar ID or Livestream feed for all your sessions scheduled. Attendees can then stay on one video session the entire time.

Webinars and live stream content are not embedded in HeySummit session pages. Attendees will be redirected to the appropriate platform and the session will start there when they click the 'Watch now' button found on the HeySummit session page at the scheduled start time.

You can configure your Video Settings on HeySummit so that attendees can stay on the same livestream or webinar session in the provider platform for every session, rather than navigating back to the HeySummit site to access the next session as they would normally.

If you are using one of our webinar providers:

  1. Make sure you have a webinar account already connected to your event (if you're using a webinar integration).

  2. Choose one of your sessions to start the process. Go to Content > Talks > (...) > Manage Talk > Live Webinar > choose your preferred provider > Create New Webinar > and set up your host connection.

  3. After completing these steps, your session should be automatically created and synced with your webinar account in a few minutes. You can then use the existing webinar ID for other sessions by selecting 'Share Existing Webinar' and choosing the first linked talk from the 'Choose an Existing Talk' dropdown for your subsequent talk.

  4. Repeat Step 2 for every session you want to use the same webinar feed.

  5. When you're ready to go live, start the session in your webinar account.

Using this option, the Speakers for each talk should still have their own individual join links generated, but it's a good idea to double-check the session record in your webinar provider that this has synced properly and that they are all listed too. Speakers will receive their join link in their 24 hour and 1 hour reminder emails (if you have these templates set to Active). It will also appear on their Speaker Dashboard five minutes before their session is scheduled to go live.

If you'd prefer to send them somewhere else to join the broadcast, you can now specify an override URL. This is particularly useful if you're streaming through a provider like Vidyard and wish to send speakers to a specific panellist join page.

Look to the bottom of this help doc for more important points.

If you're using a Live Stream or URL option or Youtube Live/Vimeo Live:

  1. Manually create a session in your video provider with the same start time as the first session scheduled in HeySummit that you want to hook up. When the join link is created, copy this.

  2. Head to Content > Talks > ... > Manage Talk for the first session.

  3. Select Live Stream or URL

  4. If you are using the YouTube Live or Vimeo Live option, enter only the video ID in the Video ID field.

    If you're using the External URL option, paste the whole join link in.

  5. Repeat the process for your other scheduled sessions in HeySummit, using the same video ID or URL.

Important Things to Note:

It's important that you test out this setup before you commit to it. A great idea is to clone your real event to use for testing things like this away from the public eye.

Remember that once a session is started in the webinar provider or live stream provider, if you choose to keep it running for another presentation then your next speakers won't have an opportunity to get settled in within a practice room beforehand. It may be harder to run a smooth attendee and speaker experience with this type of set-up, so make sure you're prepared for introductions and wrapping up each presenter slot to keep in line with your schedule.

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