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Giving Speakers or Volunteers Tickets To Your Event
Giving Speakers or Volunteers Tickets To Your Event
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Speakers only automatically have access to their sessions, but you want to provide them with complimentary access to all scheduled talks. While there is currently no direct option for this, it's still possible with these handy workarounds.

We have two options for you:
One workaround is to import your speakers as attendees into your event and then connect them to your summit's All-Access Pass.
Here is how to import your speakers as attendees:

  1. Click on Reporting > Attendees

  2. Click on the three-dotted menu then select Import

  3. Upload a . CSV file of the speakers you'd like to import. Click on the hyperlinked .CSV template (see second screenshot below) to get a blank document you can add your speakers' names and email addresses.

  4. Select the correct ticket (All Access Pass) under the field 'Which ticket should we link these attendees to?'

N.B. Make sure your .CSV file doesn't contain special characters and has the correct column headers as seen in the template, or there will be issues uploading the file.

Are you having issues? It could be that some of the attendees in your csv have already been registered for your event. Check if they have an existing record with an incomplete purchase (e.g., Status being Checkout - Selected Content). If they do, you can head to Reporting > Attendees to delete their record, then try again.

The other workaround is to give your speakers a coupon so they can purchase your summit's All-Access Pass for free (or at a discount).

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