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Native Integration within HeySummit
Native Integration within HeySummit
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You're setting up your event and want to learn more about HeySummit integrates with webinar, video, or other content providers. Keep reading below to learn about HeySummit's native integration system.

Native integrations refer to the webinar providers you can connect with as a Host for your event. Then you can link your Host account to create your live session.

An integration of this type means HeySummit will:

  • Create the session for you under your webinar provider account.

  • Sync registrations between platforms.

  • Send email reminders with the webinar join link to Speakers (we never send exposed join links to Attendees, only links to the HeySummit talk page where they will be able to access the session).

This integration gives Event Organizers and Attendees the ultimate experience by syncing information between platforms, so you have less setup to worry about and provides a smoother user experience.

You can see the list of integrations here.

To learn more about the specific native integrations and how to set them up, you can follow the instructions in these articles:

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