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How Attendees Join Live Sessions
How Attendees Join Live Sessions
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Sessions can be accessed from the HeySummit session pages. From there, they will either be able to watch the video embedded in the HeySummit page (if pre-recorded or YouTube Live/Vimeo Live, or using our Embed Code option).

Or there will be a 'Watch now' button that the attendee can click which will lead them to the video session in a new window within that provider (if you used a native webinar integration or Custom URL).

Read on to find out how attendees can access the HeySummit session pages.

Personal schedules:

Attendees can access a session by logging into the event and then heading to their personal schedule.

Then they can click the View button next to the session they want to watch.

Event emails:

They can also access the HeySummit session page via event emails (i.e., session reminder emails, the personal schedule email, or daily digest email that we send to attendees automatically if these are set to Active). We never send attendees the join links via email for privacy reasons. The links in the email will send them to the HeySummit session page.

'Live now'/'Upcoming' :

They can also access the HeySummit session pages from the widget that appears at the lower left corner of the public event site when a live session starts soon.

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