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Starting my session in HeySummit
Starting my session in HeySummit
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Your sessions are all scheduled, and your event is around the corner. How do you start your webinars? Read below to learn how to start your live sessions, and how your pre-recorded sessions will start.

Quick Start

You only have to manually start the sessions that will be live.

Your pre-recorded session will auto-play when the session's countdown reaches zero or at the scheduled time.

Since HeySummit is not a webinar platform, to start your live session, you have to log in to your webinar Host account and start the session there. This would depend on the webinar platform you've chosen - BigMarker, Zoom, LiveWebinar, or any custom webinar providers.

We always recommend Event Organisers or Speakers (Panelists) to start the webinar at least 10 minutes before to do an audio and video check before they start broadcasting.

Please note that your attendees will be redirected to the webinar platform once the session starts. The only time your sessions are embedded into the HeySummit page is when you're using our Pre-recorded option or our Custom Stream option with one of our supported video providers, Vimeo or YouTube.

What will the experience look like on the day?

We recommend setting up a test event on HeySummit (you can clone the event to save time on setup) so you will be able to run practice sessions out of the public eye. You can set them up with the same video settings set up as your real sessions. Be careful to avoid scheduling them at clashing times with your real event as this could cause issues in your webinar provider.

You can test out starting the session as a Host in your chosen webinar or livestream provider; joining as a Speaker that you attached to the HeySummit session record; and joining as an Attendee after registering for your event.

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