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Changing the time zone for your event
Changing the time zone for your event
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Having added most details to your event, you would like to finalise the time zone to ensure there is no confusion.

Quick start

  1. On your event dashboard, head to Event Setup > Settings.

  2. Under Settings, you'll see a box called Localisation. Click on Update. Here you will find either a drop down list or a box that you can edit to ensure you have the correct time zone. Remember to hit Save.

  3. Do note that when your attendees view your website, all timings are shown in their local time, configured automatically from their browser time zone. The only exception to this is the dates and times of talks that HeySummit sends out in our email to attendees. Attendees can choose to click on the View Local Time link if they preferred to display all talks in their local time.

  4. Speaker Dashboards show sessions times in the user's local time zone also.

Do note that if there are errors in the personal schedule downloaded by attendees, you might want to ask them to check their calendar apps. Some attendees might be using different calendar apps that will treat the downloaded schedule file in different ways.

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