Why is Zoom showing the timezone as London?
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You are setting up your sessions on your event and when looking at your Zoom account you see that your sessions are set in London time - but you're in a different timezone! What's going on?

Quick start

When setting up your event, you can choose your timezone by heading to Event Setup > Settings > Localization. This sets up the time for sessions created in HeySummit and Zoom.

The reason why Zoom shows sessions in London time is because our server connects to Zoom in the UK. This will not affect your session times within HeySummit or within attendees' calendars. Event timings within HeySummit will always adjust to the timezone of the person viewing them.

Top tip: When connecting your Zoom account as a host, we recommend turning off all email notifications within Zoom since HeySummit will be sending the email reminders in your timezone:

  1. Click Yes to go to Zoom.us to connect your account via oAuth.

  2. Once you have connected your Zoom account you will be sent back to HeySummit, where you'll now see that your Zoom account is marked as Active.

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