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What value does HeySummit add to your online event?
What value does HeySummit add to your online event?
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What value will HeySummit add to my event? (In comparison to other platforms that host videos)

Quick start

HeySummit is an online summit or conference organisational tool.

We handle all aspects of your summit set up, giving you complete flexibility and control to shape it - from start to finish. For example, creating dynamic landing pages, onboarding speakers, taking registrations and payment, adding talks, and affiliate/ speaker/ attendee management. The list goes on, but these are a few examples of things we offer as an organisational tool.

Event organisers choose HeySummit because they want to offer the best experience for their attendees in a seamless way. It's easy to move from one session to another. There are lots of options, and no two summits are alike.

You could host an all day summit, a multi-day event or event a series of talks that's always growing and gaining new attendees.

You could host all sorts of talks within your summit - networking, keynotes, pre-recorded, live, panel discussions, fire-side chats. It's all down to your creativity and vision.

HeySummit allows you to knit together the entire summit experience so that it's smooth for the attendee - they won't need to sign up to three different platforms in order to attend your summit.

By using our platform, you taking away the need to create your own landing page, manage your own speakers with documents and API integrations to ensure the right link goes to the right people. Everything is not only smooth for your attendees and speakers, but also for you as an organiser.

Click here to see our demo summit and experience HeySummit as an attendee yourself.

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