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Changing the dates of your event
Changing the dates of your event
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While creating your summit, you would like to update the dates for your event.

HeySummit automatically updates the date of your event once it detects a talk

This means that if you'd like to change the dates for your event, all you have to do is create 1 talk (with an associated speaker and category) and add the correct time and date. HeySummit will do the rest by picking up the change and reflecting it on your Organiser Dashboard.

Quick start

  1. Go into your Dashboard.

  2. Click on Content and choose Talks from the sub-menu.

  3. Look for the first talk. This should have been auto-created if you created a speaker before and assigned them a date and time for the summit.

  4. Click on the '...' next to the first talk.

  5. Select Manage Talk, Details.

  6. Enter the correct date and time.

Hit Save.

If your talk is finished already and you need to reset the date:
1. Head over to Content > Talks

2. Click the '...' next to the talk in question

3. Select 'Advanced Settings' then scroll down until 'Reset Talk'

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