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How does HeySummit determine giveaway winners?
How does HeySummit determine giveaway winners?
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You have just set up a giveaway and are wondering - how does HeySummit choose the winners?

Quick start

HeySummit randomly selects winners from entries based on the following criteria. For the winners of event-wide giveaways, they need to have either:

  • shared the summit on a social media platform

  • attended at least 1 talk (live)

  • done any other viral incentive (if applicable)

For winners of speaker/talk level giveaways, the criteria are pretty much the same, but winners must have registered for the specific talk that is holding the giveaway.

We count registered attendees as one who has accepted the T&Cs and entered their email addresses. The system will automatically block the host or speaker from being able to win. It is not possible for an attendee to win the same prize twice.

The platform automatically selects the winners. For example, if a Speaker is offering a giveaway, the winner will be chosen 24 hours after the talk goes live.
If on the other hand, the giveaway is being offered on a summit-wide level, a winner will be chosen at the end of the entire event, not just after one talk.
In scenarios where you have several giveaways and there are few attendees who watched the live sessions or didn't share the event after registration, and as a result, we've exhausted the pool of eligible attendees to choose from, then we will select any random attendee from the event (assuming they are not a speaker, host, event organiser or an attendee that has already won a giveaway).
Any giveaway that has been successfully sent will be indicated in green, and in the event that no giveaway winner is identified for a particular giveaway, it will be marked with a tag saying "No Giveaway Winners Found."

These will appear under Reporting > Giveaway Winners.

Can an attendee with no ticket win a giveaway? Say, for example, if they shared the summit online?

This is unlikely, as it is a prerequisite for winners to have attended at least one talk. Since tickets are required for talks, an attendee who has not registered for a ticket cannot win the giveaway.

Can I trigger a redraw of the winner?

It's not possible for an Event Organiser to trigger this.

If you have read the above and still have questions about how the winner was determined, contact us at [email protected].

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