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Handling Custom Registration Questions in Zapier
Handling Custom Registration Questions in Zapier
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After setting up custom registration questions on HeySummit, you would like to send that data somewhere using Zapier. For this, you will need to use one of Zapier's formatting tools to help pull out the answers.

  1. In the Zap configuration page, click the "+" to expand the Action options. Actions are additional steps that take place after the data has come in from HeySummit, but before it's sent to your third-party app. In this case, the action will be to pull the individual answers from the list of items the Zaps.

  2. Select Format from the action options.

  3. Once inside the Formatter menu, the Action Event we want is "Utilities".

    And the Transform option we want is "Pick from list":

  4. From here, the Set up action menu will expand and ask you to input the Operation, Input and Default:

  5. The Operation is where we will indicate which number item in the list we want to grab. Please note, Zapier uses 0-indexing. This meant that if you want to grab the first answer in the list, you will write 0. In the image above, I have written 1, because I want to grab the second answer in my list (Pallet Town).

  6. The Input is which field the list will come in from. In this case, we're using the "Answers" field.

  7. The Default is what Zapier should write if it can't find an answer. In this example, we have put "none", but you can customise this to whatever suits.

  8. Once the data is inputted, you can move on to the next step; testing. Please note that if you're doing this for an event whose ticket has not appeared in the example data list, you may get an error. This does not necessarily mean that you set it up incorrectly, and we would encourage you turn the zap on and run through a test registration before you open registration publicly on your event.

  9. Once you've set up the Utilities action, you can access the data it grabs elsewhere. In the example below, we are creating a line in a Google sheets when an attendee completes registration. For the answer to our custom question "City of Departure?", we use the result of the Utilities action we previously set up. You would need to create one Utilities action for each of your custom questions.

We recommend setting up your Zap, and then running through registration on your event to ensure everything is set up how you want it before going live.

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