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Adding a replay for your live talk (Zoom, LiveWebinar)
Adding a replay for your live talk (Zoom, LiveWebinar)
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Your live talk is over, but you would like to enable replays so attendees can watch it over and over again.

Quick start

  1. To add a replay for a live talk with Zoom or LiveWebinar, first - remember to record your live talk, and upload to a video platform of your choice. Do note that neither Zoom nor LiveWebinar can host your recordings.

  2. Head to your event dashboard and click on Content > Talks.

  3. On the ... next to the talk you want to set up a replay for, click on Replay Details and add the details you are prompted for to direct HeySummit to the recording of your live talk. Please note that "Replay Details" option will only become available once the talk goes live.

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