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Setting Up a Replay for Your Talks
Setting Up a Replay for Your Talks
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Your live session may be over, but that doesn't mean your summit stops there. Keep the fun going by enabling replays on your live sessions, so attendees can watch it over and over again (within limits, of course). Please note, that only BigMarker will automatically record and upload a replay of a live session for you.
For pre-recorded sessions, replays are automatically available unless disabled. For live sessions, record and upload the session manually (unless using BigMarker).

You can do so by going to Contents > Talks > (...) > Manage Talk > Details.

To add a replay for a live session, follow these steps:

1. Record the live session with your chosen provider.

2. Upload this to the video platform of your choice, e.g. YouTube, Vimeo. A common error is to upload a shareable link from Google Drive or DropBox (where you've uploaded the video), or a link to a recording on Zoom. This won't work.

3. Head to your event dashboard and click on Content > Talks then click on Replay Details. Please note that "Replay Details" option will only become available once the talk goes live.

4. Select your replay video source. If you select one of the named providers (with their own logo), you only need to enter the Video ID.

5. If you do set up a replay using the method, it will override any pre-recorded video, so only do so if you want to change the video.

6. Don't forget to preview the replay pages of your summit so you can see what your attendees can expect to see both pre and post-sessions going live (... > Preview Page). Remember to consider the privacy settings of your chosen provider.

If you want to set up a replay of a BigMarker session, check out this help doc.

If you're having problems with your attendees not being able to view Replays, check out our troubleshooting doc on this.

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