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With HeySummit, you can run an event with a mixture of live and pre-recorded talks. In this case, you've chosen to broadcast live - let us walk you through it!

1. Set Up

As an event organiser, you must decide which webinar platform to use to host your live content. You need to use some kind of video streaming software to run your event on HeySummit. We don't offer our own video service. Head to Content > Talks. Click on (...) next to the talk you want to set up and select Manage Talk. From there, choose Live Webinar and on the following screen, you can choose your preferred webinar platform and connect your host.

Fully supported webinar platforms include Zoom, BigMarker and LiveWebinar (more coming soon!). With these deep integrations, you can connect your Zoom, BigMarker, or LiveWebinar account to your HeySummit account. HeySummit will then automatically create a new Zoom webinar, BigMarker, or LiveWebinar event when you create a talk in HeySummit.

Other webinar solutions can be used, like Remo for example. HeySummit offers a 'Live Stream or URL' option that allows you to paste in any link you want. This could be from any software you'd like to use as long as that software has the ability for you to share a link to the specific event you're putting on.

Fully supported live streaming includes YouTube Live and Vimeo Live. With these options, you can indicate the video source within HeySummit and have it embedded on your HeySummit talk page.

Other streaming video options can be used with the 'External Link' option, but they won't yet be embedded on your HeySummit talk page.

2. Event Attendees

If you are configuring a live summit you need to consider attendee quotas. There are two different counts for attendees. For your webinar platform, the amount of attendees is how many people you have simultaneously on the same call. For HeySummit, the amount of attendees is the number of registrations across all of your active events.

For example, let's say you have a summit with 10 speakers and 1000 registrations, but you expect only 90 attendees per talk (many times people register but don't go to all of the talks or they choose to watch the recorded version).

3. Email Reminders

By default, HeySummit sends email reminders to both speakers and attendees.

Each speaker will receive a reminder 24 hrs and 1 hr before their talk is due to take place. In both of these emails, they will be told what their unique webinar URL is, so that they can join you as a presenter. We also state in these emails that they should join 10 minutes before the talk is due to take place so that you (as the host) and the speaker can run some last-minute checks if needed.

If you'd prefer to send them somewhere else to join the broadcast, you can now specify an override URL. This is particularly useful if you're streaming through a provider and you wish to send your speakers to a specific panellist join page.

Attendees are sent a reminder 1 hr and then 10 mins before each talk they've registered for is due to start.

You can edit certain parts of these emails to personalise the wording. You may want to alter the introduction, language or add some additional information.

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