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Delivering media files to specific attendees
Delivering media files to specific attendees
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When you add media files to a Talk record, this is shown on the talk page to all attendees with a ticket to that talk. You would like to add media files only for attendees who have purchased certain tickets (usually higher priced as they pay for both tickets and additional media content).

Quick start

  1. You can create a new email in HeySummit and insert a download link.

  2. You can choose to use Zapier with the 'Ticket Purchased' trigger or HeySummit's API, if you have the Business plan, to export the data of attendees who purchased the particular ticket you would like to add content and send their email addresses to your email service provider.

  3. Alternatively, if you want to provide content to attendees with certain tickets and not other attendees, but do not want to send additional emails out, you can set up duplicate talks and upload media to the talks you want to give access to the special ticket holders only. Then, set up restrictions on your tickets to steer attendees to the correct version of the talks (with media uploaded). Do note your talk must be pre-recorded for this to work.

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