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Creating a New Email Template
Creating a New Email Template
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You have read through our Email Templates under Event Setup that are autogenerated and automatically sent out to Speakers, Attendees, or Team Members at certain points of your event. You would like to contact your attendees, but there isn't an existing template that fits your needs and you are now wondering how to achieve this.

If you are on the Success/Business plan you can do just that with the steps below.

Quick Start

  1. Head to Emails > Create Email.

  2. Choose the type of message you like to create then Click Create.

  3. Once this has been created, you can start editing your email.

  4. To select who the email is sent to click Audience.

    The filter lets you target attendees that either have a specific ticket, do not have a specific ticket, have no ticket at all, or have any ticket.

  5. Then choose when you would like to send it on Scheduling.

  6. Then edit the title and description of your Email template under Settings.

Once you are done, it will automatically save and you're all set!

You can also quickly make a copy of any manual or automated message using the duplicate option.

The Mail Merge Field button lets you effortlessly insert dynamic content like the attendee's name, email address, event URL, and other personalized details.

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