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Is HeySummit is a webinar platform?
Is HeySummit is a webinar platform?
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Is HeySummit a webinar provider? and if not, what provider options do you have?

Quick start

HeySummit is not a webinar service- you actually (might) need to have a webinar platform to use with HeySummit (depending on if you want your talks to be either live or pre-recorded). Do also note that your attendees will not need separate webinar provider accounts.
To check out our different webinar integrations, head to our HelpDocs on Zoom, LiveWebinar, or BigMarker. Do note, you may use other providers using the custom stream feature.
Although we are not a webinar provider and use external providers, HeySummit ensures that all of your summit's talks which require tickets or attendee registration are not simply shareable by links - people who don't have a ticket to your summit wouldn't be able to access any of the content (even if they receive a link to your site from someone who has a ticket).
A 'Pass is Needed' pop-up (screenshot) would appear for anyone who tries to access any content, thus blocking anyone who isn't registered or purchased a ticket to view the content. They will, however, be redirected to a page enabling them to register or purchase tickets.

We highly encourage you to run and create a Test Summit so you can see what the attendee flow is (from attendee registration to the talk finally going live).

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