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Attendees Adding Sessions Not Included In Their Ticket
Attendees Adding Sessions Not Included In Their Ticket
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Having finished setting up your ticket system with different restrictions, you test your setup. This is when you notice you can add sessions to your schedule which are not included in your ticket.

HeySummit is designed so event organisers have the opportunity to upsell their attendees by allowing them to view and register for other sessions outside of their current ticket permissions. This is why attendees can enter their email address under a talk or add it to their schedule. When a session is added to an attendee's schedule, this means they will receive email reminders about these sessions. However, when the session/s goes live, they won't be able to view video content unless they have a ticket with the appropriate permissions.

Here is an example of what an attendee would see if they tried to watch a session that they didn't have a ticket for:

To limit the sessions that attendees can add to their schedule at checkout to only the ones their ticket will allow them access to, head to Revenue>Tickets>Add Ticket. Scroll to Restrictions. Here you can select the following options:

Please note, that this will only limit the sessions/categories seen during checkout. Attendees will still be able to add other sessions to their schedule (register their interest) via the event schedule or session page before it goes live. If they do this, they will not be able to see the content and will be prompted to purchase a pass when the event goes live if their ticket doesn't include this session.

If you export your registration list for a talk, then please be aware this list will also include those who may have completed their order to secure a ticket that doesn't allow access to that talk.

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