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Awarding your attendees certificates
Awarding your attendees certificates
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After running an event with us, you are planning on giving out certificates to participants for attending the sessions. We do not have a feature on HeySummit for awarding certificates, but here's how you can see who attended each session so you can contact them externally.

Quick start

We track who has watched the Pre-recorded, Vimeo Live, YouTube Live, and Replay content you've set up in HeySummit. You can find who watched your sessions under Webinar Reports. Note that we don't track how long someone stayed on a talk page, so it won't be possible to tell if they watched the whole session.

We cannot track who's watched sessions if you connected to one of our webinar integrations, but not to worry, these stats can be found in your webinar provider account.

With this information, you can get in touch with the attendees outside of HeySummit by importing their email addresses into your email service provider, with a certificate you've created externally.

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