We have a new login system for attendees that went live on January 12 2021. Read on for more details. 

You went through registration, secured a ticket, and now you want to access your schedule, videos, and other amazing content the Event Organizer might have lined up. You don't need a password to follow these steps, just the email address you signed up with.

Quick Start

  1. Navigate to the event site. Maybe you saved this as a bookmark, or maybe you found it in one of the event emails that was sent out to you after registration.

  2. Click on Login button that appears within the top navigation bar:

    If this doesn't appear and instead you see a three dot menu (...) with Logout nested within - congrats, you're already in and can start viewing content (as per your ticket permissions, of course). 

  3. If you clicked Login, you'd be taken to a page like the one shown below, where you can make sure 'I'm an attendee' is selected.

  4. Enter your email address in the field. This should be the exact same email you signed up for the event with. If you can't remember the email address you used or think you might have made a typo, get in touch with the Event Organizer so they can help sort this out. 

  5. After entering the right email address and pressing Continue, you should see the screen below, letting you know that the login link will be sent via email:

  6. Head to the inbox of the email address you used and find your login email. The subject line will read 'Sign in to' and then the event name. The email itself will look something like this:

  7. Click the Sign in now button, and you'll be taken to the event site where you'll now be logged in and taken to your personal schedule. If the attendee prefers, they can also copy paste the link into their browser or an incognito window. Once logged in, Attendees can edit their schedule or watch video content.

You're all set - almost like magic. 

Having issues? Get in touch with us -