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Turning On Live Chat For Your Sessions
Turning On Live Chat For Your Sessions
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You want your attendees and speakers to have a chat about your amazing content while watching it on the HeySummit session page. You can do just that if you're on the Business/Success or Professional/Growth plan. This option is great for sessions where the video content will be embedded in the HeySummit session page, i.e. Pre-recorded content, YouTube Live or Vimeo Live
To enable this feature:

  1. Navigate to Event Setup> Settings> Talk & Replay Experience and click Update

  2. Make sure the Enable Chat During Broadcast? is turned on and click Save.

Once the feature is turned on, you can test it on the 'Preview Page'

The live chat won't appear until the session starts at its scheduled time and the talk page updates.

But what will this look like for our users on the session page? Here's a sneak peek:

This chat section will be visible during the live broadcast of the talk. Attendees can react to chat messages with popular emoji icons like the fire symbol, thumbs up, and more. This feature adds a dynamic and engaging layer to conversations, enhancing the overall communication experience during your events.

Once the talk goes into replay mode (i.e. after the talk has been broadcast) the chat will no longer work. Attendees wanting to continue the conversation can do so via the built in commenting facility.

Note that if comments are enabled for your event, they will appear on the session page too, below the embedded video, while the live chat is at the right of the video (if you have it enabled).

Only users logged in as attendees (with a ticket to the session), speakers of that session, or the event organizer will be able to view this live chat. The messages in the live chat section currently can't be threaded.

We've got a help doc on how to moderate the live chat feature if you're interested in learning more.

Looking to use an alternative to our comments or live chat feature? Check out our doc on setting up and testing a custom comments system if you're on the Business/Success plan.

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