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Using BigMarker For Your Live Talks
Using BigMarker For Your Live Talks
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Using BigMarker to host your live talks? Here's a step-by-step guide to setting it up and how to run the sessions on the day.

You've decided to broadcast your talks live. Well, setting up a live talk with BigMarker is super simple and provides a lot of features you can't get with pre-recorded video. HeySummit allows you to create an online conference, and each conference can support one or more talks.

For live talks, you can connect to BigMarker, and HeySummit will automatically create a link with BigMarker.

Once created, the BigMarker Join URL is sent to speakers before the talk is scheduled to go live. Note that attendee emails (e.g. Daily Digest, schedule, reminder and replay emails) never include the exposed links to webinars or live streams for privacy reasons. The emails will only include the link to the HeySummit talk page where they will be redirected to the appropriate platform after clicking the "Watch now" button found there (if logged in with the correct ticket).

If you're new to BigMarker, we recommend visiting their help site here to get started.

Quick Start

Step One: Add a Host

When setting up BigMarker for your live talks, begin by creating your host. To set up your BigMarker host for your talk, go to Event Setup > Webinar Hosts.

  1. A host is someone hosting a talk for your event. If your talks are hosted live (as opposed to pre-recorded), you will need to make sure that you have connected one of the available webinar providers to a host.

  2. The host may or may not be the speaker or presenter of the talk, but they are required to connect to your webinar provider.

  3. To add the host, click on the Add Host button at the bottom of the page and enter their name and email information.

Step Two: Connect a BigMarker Account to the Host

Connect the host to a BigMarker account by clicking on the Connect button in the host record.

Select BigMarker.

In the popup, you will need to add the API Key and the channel name you are using. We made getting this information easy for you. All you have to do is click on the link in the instructions and sign in to your BigMarker account. It takes you directly to the page you need.

Copy your API Key and add your main channel to the pop-up window in HeySummit.

Here's a tip: If you receive a message stating HeySummit can't find your BigMarker channel, try using your BigMarker slug. You can find it by going to Settings > Channel Settings > Manage and locate your URL. The slug is in the box after

Once done connecting the host, click Save.

Step Three: Create a Speaker and Talk

  1. Back in HeySummit, you want to add your speaker's information and set up the talk.

  2. To add your speaker, return to the menu in the left sidebar and select Content > Speakers. In the new window, click the Add Speaker button located at the top right of the screen.

  3. In the Speaker form, you must set the speaker's name and email address at a minimum.

  4. To add your talk, return to the menu in the left sidebar and select Content > Talks. In the new window, click the Add Talk button located at the top right of the screen.​

Step Four: Configure Video Settings

  1. In the popup, choose Live Webinar and select BigMarker as your provider.

  2. Select the BigMarker Host you will use so that HeySummit will set up your talk automatically in BigMarker for you.

Note: Once set up, it takes a while for HeySummit and BigMarker to finalize their connection, so don't wait until the last minute to set up your talk. You must set up your talk at least 30 minutes before it goes live to ensure the connection is made. You can check the status of your connection by looking at the talks information bar. To run the live webinar, neither the host nor the speaker has to open HeySummit. They can run the whole show from BigMarker. If you change the talk details in HeySummit once the Host is connected, they should automatically update in your BigMarker account.

Step Five: Prepare the Presenter to Run the Webinar

  1. Before the Webinar goes live, an email will be sent to the speaker with a link to the Webinar and a time. The time will appear in London time (GMT), so prepare your speaker ahead of time. Alternatively, you can go into BigMarker, open the webinar, and select Presenters. Here, you will find the link the presenter will use to enter the live webinar.

  2. Instruct the presenter to enter the room early because BigMarker will run a systems check to test connectivity, operating system, and browser. The presenter can also manually check Speakers, Microphone, and Webcam.

  3. Enter the webinar

  4. Choose Computer Audio and Allow BigMarker to access the microphone.

  5. Turn on the microphone and webcam, if using, and ensure the output device is correct.

  6. Click on Continue to Webinar.

  7. Once backstage, two things will happen. First, two minutes before your webinar begins, you will be asked if you want to record this webinar. Click Record if you are going to offer replays.

  8. Click on Record just before or just after you go live, don't forget!

  9. Secondly, you can Enter the Webinar room manually or wait. BigMarker will automatically countdown and begin the webinar on time.

    Note: To learn how to configure polls, Q&A, handouts, and other features in BigMarker, check BigMarker's support and tutorials.

Once done with the webinar, click End Webinar.

Attendee Experience

  1. Any attendees who click on Register for the talk in HeySummit are automatically registered for the webinar within BigMarker. This generates their personal join link, which would allow them to watch the webinar.

  2. Normally, Attendees are not required to register with BigMarker, but if they register late for the talk or they did not register, they will be asked to Register by BigMarker. This is a BigMarker feature and can be handy for tracking who actually attends.

  3. Once attendees are in and are viewing the talk, they will watch the talk from a BigMarker window and interact with BigMarker chat, poll, and Q&A features as you have configured them.

You're good to go - happy summiting! Please note that your attendees will be redirected to the webinar platform once the session starts. The only time your sessions are embedded into the HeySummit page is when you're using our Pre-recorded option or our Custom Stream option with one of our supported live streaming providers, Vimeo or Youtube.

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