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What is the difference between HeySummit and BigMarker?
What is the difference between HeySummit and BigMarker?
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You have heard about HeySummit, and you have also heard about BigMarker. In addition to this, you know about the BigMarker integration in HeySummit. Now you are wondering, why do you need HeySummit?
Here, we explain the differences between BigMarker and HeySummit so you can decide which is right for you.

Quick start

HeySummit and BigMarker have different functions. If all you want to deliver is video content, then BigMarker is certainly a great platform to do so.
HeySummit was set up to fill the need for a platform that would enable you to build, promote and deliver an online summit. Apart from hosting your talks, HeySummit handles pre-event registrations, in-event reminders, post-event analysis, and follow-ups.
HeySummit and BigMarker work together via the BigMarker integration. You can integrate your BigMarker account to HeySummit and use it to host your live talks. There is currently no option to host a live talk directly on HeySummit as we are not a standalone webinar provider.
A key thing to note if you use this integration is that you must have a BigMarker account that meets your summit needs. HeySummit has no control over the number of attendees you can have at your live talk - this depends on the number allowed by your webinar host. For example, if BigMarker has a 100 person limit then you can only have 100 people attend your live session at any one time. This is unrelated to your HeySummit attendee quota.

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