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Running a virtual sponsors fair or exhibitor booths
Running a virtual sponsors fair or exhibitor booths
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Fairs for sponsors to exhibit their services/goods are a mainstay of offline summits. You would like to set up something similar.

Quick start

Whilst we don't offer a baked in exhibitor booth experience, we hear Event Organisers when they say that the best solution for online events is to weave sponsors and exhibitors into the fabric of their event.
Here are some examples of how other Event Organisers have chosen to cater to their exhibitors and sponsors and deliver high value to their attendees:


Sometimes all you need to do is to showcase your exhibitors/sponsors' brand. You can add them as a main sponsor or category sponsor to your event, which will add showcase their logos on your event pages and in event emails.

You could add images and information about sponsors on your homepage using the 'Edit Page' feature, to highlight the brands you're working with from the get-go when attendees land on your event site.

Or, you might want to create a brand new header link, allowing you to build a custom page within your site from scratch, dedicated to your sponsors. You could choose to feature all your sponsors in one place under one header link, or create separate header links for each them.

Weekly Briefings

Moving from an in-person event to a virtual one? Event Organisers have had great success holding weekly briefings through their HeySummit test event and inviting their exhibitors and sponsors. They dig deep into what they are looking for from engaging in your event, and use that information to build their offering. Bonus: they are also getting comfortable using the platform ready for the real deal.

High-value opportunities

For some Event Organisers, offering the ability for exhibitors/sponsors to be part of a panel discussion, host a fire-side chat, or run their own workshop, is a powerful way to deliver value, both to those stakeholders and their audience.

Pre-record pitches

We've seen Event Organisers successfully create an exhibitor/sponsor category, add their stakeholders as speakers, and then add pitches as pre-recorded talks ready for the attendees to browse, or you can host a Live Q&A instead. As you can add downloads for media files to talk pages and links to each individual speaker landing page, this can be a great way to offer your stakeholders the chance to lead capture. Many Event Organisers also leverage the giveaways baked into the platform to boost exhibitor/sponsors offering.

Granting access to more opportunities

We have seen some great uses of tools like Vectera to allow attendees to book in 1:1 meetings with exhibitors/sponsors by adding a link to their page.

If you are looking for virtual booths you can certainly use some of the many platforms that offer virtual fairs but if you're creative and innovative like our Event Organisers above and you have a fun way to showcase your exhibitors/sponsors and deliver great value to your attendees, reach out and share your method, we'd love to hear from you at [email protected]

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