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Disabling or editing the 'sponsor this conference' area on your event
Disabling or editing the 'sponsor this conference' area on your event
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The sponsors shows on your public event site when it's enabled in your settings (which it is by default). Maybe you do not want to promote sponsorship opportunities. Or, perhaps you want to change the copy to fit your brand tone.

Quick Start

To stop this box from showing on your event site, head to Content > Sponsors > (...) > Settings and untick the box Promote sponsor opportunities? then press Save.

Looking to edit the copy instead? Head to Content > Translations. Use the dropdown menu at the top of this settings page to find the translation strings below.

  • 'Sponsor this' or 'Proudly supported by' can be found under 'Event.'

  • 'conference' can be found under 'Event.'

  • 'Your logo could go here!' can be found under 'Event.'

  • 'If you'd like to get your brand in front of attendees, contact us' can be found under 'Talk.'

The email address linked to the 'contact us' part of the copy is the email address you set up under Event Setup > Settings > Event Basics > Event support email. If you left that field blank, it would link to the email address that your Event Organiser account is under.

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