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Auto-register Your Attendees To All Talks
Auto-register Your Attendees To All Talks
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While setting up your summit, you would like to ensure your attendees are registered for all talks.

Here are simple steps to guide you:

  1. Head to Event Setup > Settings.

  2. Click on Registration & Checkout Settings > click Update.

  3. Select No in the 'Can Attendees Build Their Own Schedule?' section and toggle Auto Register To All Talks? and click Save.

You can choose to register your attendees to current talks only and when enabled, attendees will be registered only for the talks that are currently available, not for any future talks added later. New talks added post-registration will not be automatically included in the schedules of already registered attendees.
You can also check the box "Limit Talks Based on Ticket?" in addition to the "Auto Register To All Talks?" If both are selected, attendees will only be registered for talks based on what the ticket allows.

Do not forget email reminders for all your sessions. If you have back-to-back sessions scheduled, HeySummit sends two email reminders 60 and 20 minutes before the session starts. Keep this in mind when registering your attendees for all sessions.

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