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You want your attendees to network during your event
You want your attendees to network during your event
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You're wondering if HeySummit offers any options for attendee networking sessions. Networking offers your audience the chance to interact with speakers and fellow attendees, adding tons of value to the attendee experience.

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Yes, that's totally possible! We've got tons of summits with networking aspects. As an event organiser, you're in control of how you choose to facilitate that. Here are some suggestions:

  1. You could add a networking session into your schedule, and host it as you would any other talk via one of our webinar integrations with live networking options. Examples of these options include and Zoom Webinar + Slido. We find networking via this method works best if it is time-bound. For example, a 10-15 minute introduction before breaking out into 15-minute breakout sessions on Zoom.

  2. Alternatively, you could take the networking onto a separate community space by inviting attendees and speakers to join your Facebook Group, Slack workspace or MightyNetworks.

  3. If it's a smaller event (for example, attendees have paid for a small Q&A session with the speaker), you could use the chat function within your chosen live webinar platform.

  4. The HeySummit chat is fairly simple with 'speaker' and 'attendee' labelled. If you want more of a threaded chat, you can sub in Disqus or Facebook Comments on the HeySummit talk page.

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