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While setting up your event, you are wondering how attendees receive a receipt.

Attendees automatically receive a receipt email upon completing their checkout.

Once an attendee has registered for your event and paid for their ticket they will receive a receipt via email.

Here's how the content of that email would look:

You can check that this event email template is turned on, or turn it off if you prefer it not be sent, by going to Emails > Attendee Emails

Toggle the button to the right of ‘Payment Receipt’ to activate the email template. It will show as 'Live' if it is currently active.

Attendees can also go to the "My Purchases" area when logged in to request a resend of their payment receipt to their inbox.

If attendees need a more detailed receipt, including payment method, contact us at [email protected] with the attendee email address and the email address that you would like this to be sent to (if different).

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