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Customising Email Templates
Customising Email Templates
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You've checked out the email templates HeySummit has made available and you want to change them a little to better reflect your brand.

  1. In your Event Dashboard, go to Emails.

  2. Before you make any changes, we recommend that you review the default first. To see how the email will appear to your audience, click on the three dots (...) next to the record and then select Send Test Email. This will send an email to the address you set up your account with. Review the email and determine if there are any changes you would like to see.

  3. To change the subject line of the email and edit portions within some of the email templates, click on the three dots (...) next to the record and then select Edit Email.

  4. When reviewing the template, you can edit the sections that have a white background when you move your cursor over it. There you can change text, add text and in some cases, use Markdown to add links, images and bulleted lists.

  5. You'll notice that some of the email templates have 'core block'. These can't be edited while on this page viewing the draft. However, if you head to Content > Translations > Email, you can edit the copy thereby changing the corresponding fields. Be sure to check the changes make sense on your draft, as the translations that make up the sentences are coded and pieced together in a certain order.

  6. By default, your email signature will be the first name of the primary account holder. You can customize your signature by following the steps in this article.

  7. Each of your templates' footers can also be customized via Email Settings with Markdown using the Email Footer Copy field.

There's a complete list of who receives what and when right here. Everyone loves an email reminder, especially when life gets hectic and there are a million things to remember- too many emails, on the other hand, may feel overwhelming and spam-like. Check out this help doc on limiting the number of emails your attendees receive.

At any time, your users can unsubscribe from the emails you are sending to them via HeySummit. If you notice that attendees are unsubscribing to emails that you de-activated, this is not a technical issue. When a user elects to unsubscribe to a specific email type, they have the option to unsubscribe from all email types as well.

Other considerations

  • Although HeySummit offers several email templates, HeySummit is not designed to replace your Email Service Provider (ESP).

  • If you would like to send additional emails or more customized emails to your users, we recommend that you either export your attendee/speaker/affiliates lists and import them into your ESP or connect HeySummit to your ESP with Zapier.

  • Also, consider if you want to alert your users to every talk 1 Hour Before, 20 Minutes Before and/ or a Daily Digest. To deactivate an email template, refer to Step 4 above.

  • The email load can also be heavy if you don't choose to turn off emails that may be sent from webinar platforms, e.g. Zoom, or if you send out emails in addition to HeySummit's templates using your ESP.

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