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How does the Success/Business Plan work?
How does the Success/Business Plan work?
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You are currently on the Starter (previously called Basic) or Growth (previously called Professional) plan and wondering whether the Success (previously called Business) plan is for you. We take a quick look at some of the benefits of upgrading, ideal for you if you organise large or multiple summits.

On the highest HeySummit plan, you get:

  • Higher attendee quota. Event Organisers can have up to 5,000 attendees and purchase additional registrations for $5 for every 100 additional registrations.

  • Import Speakers. Event Organisers can import Speakers into their summit instead of manually adding them one-by-one and their information.

  • Greater customisation options. Events can be created with custom domains, with or without HeySummit branding. You also have access to the API if you want more complex integrations.

  • Custom emails. With our Success plan, you'll get access to our one-off email feature or personalised email feature.

  • Advanced ticketing. Tickets can be customised to expire on specific dates, hours from purchase, or talks going live. You can also add permissions at a talk or category level as well as include access to a specific number of talks.
    You can refer to this useful document for a comprehensive comparison of our various plans.
    Still uncertain? If you subscribe to a monthly plan, you do have the option to cancel at any time. However, do note that we do not provide refunds for partial months, but you will have access to the plan until the end of your current paid period.
    For example, Another thing to consider is what happens after you choose to cancel your account. If you cancel your account, your active events will no longer be available to your attendees, as any event associated with the plan will also be closed.
    This means you might need to contact attendees to let them know this, especially if you have any ticket set-up that allows a specific type of access post-live event (e.g., replays).

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