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Enabling Session Comments
Enabling Session Comments
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One of the best things about summits is how attendees and speakers connect. It's exciting to see people sharing ideas, asking questions, and getting involved. This interaction adds a special energy to the event, making it more engaging and enjoyable for everyone.
Here, we discuss three ways you can set up comments for a talk.

OPTION 1: On embedded videos in your public HeySummit talk page, you can use the HeySummit comments. They are simple, not threaded, and labeled, e.g., event organiser, speaker, etc. To join, simply advise your attendees or speakers to type their comments in the box (pictured below). You can enable or disable this across your summit in Event Setup > General > Talk & Replay Experience.

​OPTION 2: You can replace the HeySummit comments with Disqus or Facebook Comments on the public HeySummit talk page. Head to Event Setup > Integrations > Custom Comments > Configure and add your code. Please note, this is only available for our Business/Success plan users.
​OPTION 3: Once live, you can use the comments of the webinar provider you use (for example, Zoom webinar's chat). For anyone's page, you can set up: only Option 1; only Option 2; Options 1 + 3, or Options 2 + 3. You can't do both Option 1 and 2 at the same time.

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