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How to find the attendee quota
How to find the attendee quota
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Before your event has started, you notice that you have reached your maximum number of attendees. Here is how to find your attendee quota.

Quick start

  1. Your number of attendees are only affected by the quota attached to your HeySummit plan.

  2. The quota you see (for example 2,000) refers to all attendees over active events only.

  3. We define active events as events currently taking registrations.

  4. An event no longer counts if it has been deleted; is archived (completely hidden from public view and inaccessible); or if it's closed for new registrations (still allows those who registered their interest but not yet completed their order to have access, but no new signups).

  5. Any event outside these three exceptions will count towards your attendee limits.

  6. Do note that if you're holding two events and an attendee attends both, they will be counted as two attendees instead of just one.

If you want to boost your attendee quota, you can:

  • Close an event for registrations (you will gain back the number registered for that)

  • Upgrade your plan under My Account > Billing

  • You can wait until you go over your quota to be auto-billed for the overage - no action needed!

Remember, for events with live talks, you should take into account the capacity of whatever live webinar platform plan you are using. For instance, if you are able to have 500 attendees in your summit via HeySummit but only 100 on your Zoom Webinar plan, then only the first 100 would be able to join live.

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