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Connecting multiple Webinar accounts from the same provider
Connecting multiple Webinar accounts from the same provider
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You are setting up your event with multiple talks and sessions that require the use of multiple Webinar Provider Accounts and maybe a couple of different Hosts. We want to ensure every Webinar Provider account is connected to the proper host without any overlap or issues with one of your other accounts.

Please note:

  • Be extra careful to be logged into the correct webinar account when connecting.

  • We encourage the use of incognito windows for each connection for extra caution

  • With GoToWebinar, the steps below are mandatory. This is because logging out of your GoToWebinar account invalidates your login tokens, disconnecting any integrations. In order to hook up multiple organiser accounts, please follow the steps below:

Quick start

  1. Find your event HeySummit URL. This will look something like If you are using a custom domain and are unsure of what this URL is, you can log in as normal and navigate to Event Setup > Settings > Event Domain:

  2. Open an incognito window and navigate to your event using the HeySummit event URL. We would like to avoid going in from and instead want to use the event subdomain slug. Here is an article on opening an Incognito window for Chrome.

  3. Click the navigation menu on the top right and Log in from that page.

  4. In a separate tab within the same incognito window, open your integration platform (Zoom, Stripe, etc.) and log in.

  5. Return to the tab with your HeySummit dashboard and go through the regular steps to connect the integration account.

6. Close the incognito window, then open a fresh one and start again from step 1. Repeat until all of your hosts are connected. Please note that this is only required for accounts of the same type. If you were to connect one Zoom account and one GoToWebinar account, for instance, you could do this all in one go as the two accounts would not interfere at all.

If you have any issues, we have more information here on troubleshooting your Webinar Provider and Host connections. Alternatively, please contact our Customer Success Agents at HeySummit at [email protected] if you still have issues connecting your Webinar Provider to your Host Account.

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