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Running Overlapping Sessions Using Zoom Webinar
Running Overlapping Sessions Using Zoom Webinar
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You've finished creating your sessions in HeySummit, and now you have to link these sessions to a Zoom Host to generate and sync your webinars in your Zoom account. Planning on running several sessions at the same time? No worries! Although HeySummit doesn't restrict Event Organizers to running overlapping sessions, webinar platforms require more than one host under an account to achieve this.

Quick Start

Head to your Zoom account to add users under your account. Please note, that your subscription plan must allow this option.

You can find this setting under User Management > Users > Add Users.

After you've added your hosts under your Zoom account, make sure these users have an Admin role and their own individual webinar license added to their accounts.

After they have the appropriate permissions and webinar licenses, you can now set them up as Hosts in your HeySummit event.

Once your Hosts are connected, you can attach them to your sessions (Content > Talks > ... > Video Settings). Make sure you don't select the same Host for overlapping sessions.

Please note, when connecting all these hosts into your HeySummit event, make sure you do so from an incognito window, or you log out of the previous Zoom session you connected. Follow these steps:

  1. Use an Incognito browser to connect your first Host to your webinar provider of choice. An Incognito window will help make sure you're connecting the right webinar account because previous logins aren't cached.

  2. Once you see that Host is Active, close the Incognito window.

  3. Open a new Incognito window (make sure only one is open at a time) and connect your next Host to the next webinar license. Make sure that you're logging into a different webinar account from the first Host.

  4. If you have any other Hosts to connect, repeat the process of closing the Incognito window and opening a new one every time you want to set up another Host.

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