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Troubleshooting Webinar Provider and Host connections
Troubleshooting Webinar Provider and Host connections
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While trying to connect your webinar account to a Host in HeySummit, you are getting an error message.

Common issues with Host connections include:

  1. Not connecting an account with the right license.

  2. The webinar account you're trying to connect to doesn't have the right privileges.

  3. Trying to connect multiple Host accounts from the same browser.

  4. Concurrent sessions causing clashes within your webinar license.

  5. Setting up the Webinar Provider settings while using a custom domain for your event.

Quick Start

A. Not connecting an account with the right license

You will need to purchase a webinar license to use a native webinar integration with HeySummit. If your Host connection has failed, it may be because you tried to connect an account with no webinar license associated.

  1. Head to Event Setup > Webinar Hosts and hover over the error link shown next to the Host name.

  2. If it says the following, then you haven't connected an account with a webinar plan attached:

  3. Following this, you will have to purchase a webinar plan or webinar add-on for the account you're trying to connect to. Or, you can alternatively use the Custom Stream option if you are looking to use Zoom Meetings or another live stream option instead of one of our native webinar integrations.

B. Webinar account permissions

Check that you have the correct admin permissions for your account in your webinar platform of choice. For example, in Zoom, you should have Admin privileges or you will receive authorization errors. You can check this on your Zoom profile page. If you see the admin panel on the left while logged into the account in question, then you are an admin.

C. Custom Domains

Still seeing authorization errors when first trying to configure your Webinar Provider that looks something like this - {'provider': 'zoom', 'code': 'unknown', 'exception': PermissionDenied()}?

  1. Open an Incognito browser to prevent caching issues. Make sure this is the only Incognito window you have open and that you're not logged into HeySummit already.

  2. Instead of using your Custom Domain or going via simply, log into your event site using your original HeySummit subdomain. You can find this original subdomain under Event Setup > Settings > Event Domain.

  3. Once logged in, head to Event Setup > Webinar Hosts. Do not connect your Host just yet.

  4. First, in that same Incognito window, open a new tab, navigate to the login page of your webinar platform of choice, then log into the account that you want to connect to your HeySummit Host.

  5. Go back to your the Webinar Hosts settings page in HeySummit and click your webinar platform of choice under the Host account you want to connect.

D. Connecting multiple Hosts

You are trying to connect different Hosts to different webinar licenses but are having issues because they're connecting to the same webinar license. You can tell because when you hover over the Hosts while it's marked Active under Event Setup > Hosts, the same email address appears. No worries, follow these steps:

  1. Use an Incognito browser to connect your first Host to your webinar provider of choice. An Incognito window will help make sure you are connecting the right webinar account because previous logins aren't cached.

  2. Once you see that Host is Active, close the Incognito window.

  3. Open a new Incognito window (make sure only one is open at a time) and connect your next Host to the next webinar license. Make sure that you're logging into a different webinar account from the first Host.

  4. If you have any other Hosts to connect, repeat the process of closing the Incognito window and opening a new one every time you want to set up another Host.

E. Concurrent sessions causing clashes

If you are running concurrent sessions on HeySummit, you will need each Talk that is scheduled at the same time or that has overlap to be linked to a different Host with a different webinar license.

  1. Head to Event Setup > Hosts and hover over the error message seen next to the Host name. If it looks like the error seen in the screenshot below, read on.

  2. Check if any of your scheduled Talks in HeySummit overlap by heading to Content > Talks. If they have the same start time or overlap (check their duration under ... > Edit Record) and you are using the same Host, there will be a clash.

  3. If you can't see a clash in HeySummit, check your webinar platform of choice to see if there are duplicate sessions or other sessions created outside of HeySummit and remove these to solve the clash.

  4. Most webinar platforms don't allow concurrent sessions to run on one license (LiveWebinar is an exception to this as you can upgrade one license to allow this).

  5. You can either move the time of your Talks on HeySummit or reduce the duration so that they don't clash, or you can purchase an additional webinar license and then make sure you follow the above steps to connect multiple Hosts.

Still having problems?

  1. Turn off your AdBlockers temporarily while connecting your Host to a Webinar Provider. Login requires both JavaScript and cookies. While AdBlockers keep those pesky ads away they can also get in the way of the authentication process.

  2. If you are using Safari during setup, it might be worth using Google Chrome to see if that could help

If the above steps fail, delete any connections between your HeySummit account and the integrated platform to start fresh:

  • For example, if you are having trouble with the Zoom app, click here to access their app marketplace.

  • Once you find the HeySummit app listed, delete it.

  • Return to HeySummit and attempt to connect to your integrated platform again.

Lastly, if you're still unable to connect to your provider, please contact us for help at [email protected].

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