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You want to know how the "live now/upcoming session" banner works
You want to know how the "live now/upcoming session" banner works
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The "live now/upcoming session" banner component is a built-in feature that helps keep attendees oriented during your event. It's automated and shown at the top of your public event site. If you've ever found yourself wondering how the sessions are chosen for the component, read on.

Frequently asked questions

Can I control which sessions appear in the component?

At this time the session selection is automated. You can check out the flow chart below for more information.

Does it include all sessions, no matter the video type?

All sessions are eligible, regardless of the video type (webinar, pre-recorded, streaming video, etc) so long as they meet the "live" and "upcoming" criteria. More about that in our rendering rules below.

Can I remove this component?

The component can be hidden using custom CSS. To find out more about custom CSS, please see our article on customizing your summit.

Can I have more than two talks at the same time?

We only show the two upcoming sessions based on the chart below.

Rendering rules for the component

  • There are 2 types of sessions that it considers: "live" sessions and "upcoming" sessions.

  • This component only considers sessions to display that are either "live" or "upcoming" within the next hour (60 minutes). If it is 9 am, it will look at sessions between 9 am-10 am. At 9:01 am, it's looking at sessions between 9:01 am-10:01 am and so on.

  • A session is considered "live" 5 minutes before it begins and remains "live" until it ends. This includes pre-recorded content.

  • A session is considered "upcoming" if it begins in the next 60 minutes but has not yet entered the 5-minute pre-live window mentioned above.

  • We prioritize showing "live" sessions over "upcoming" sessions.

  • When we render the banner, we don't mix "live" and "upcoming" sessions, so it won't show one of each.

  • We prioritize showing the sessions furthest in the future (within the 60-minute window). For example, it would choose to display a session at 9:15 am over a session at 9:30 am.

  • If you have multiple sessions, e.g. six, all starting at the same time within the next hour, the two that would be chosen out of those six to display would be based on the order in which you created the sessions.

Session selection decision tree

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