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Linking Your Talks To a Stage
Linking Your Talks To a Stage
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Linking your talks to a stage is a great way to display your event schedule!

Once your talks have been linked to a stage, your public schedule view will automatically update to a new layout to make it easy for your audience to see who is speaking and crucially, which of your talks are taking place at the same time.

Using stages can do more than just help you arrange your talks - it can also boost your ticket sales. For instance, you could offer a free ticket to watch the live broadcasts, and a paid ticket to access all of the replays. By creating stages with talks that run concurrently, you can nudge your attendees to buy the paid ticket, so they can catch all of the content, even those that run at the same time.

To optimize this feature, you can add custom holding graphics and intro videos to each stage for a more engaging visual experience. The schedule of talks for each stage is displayed, grouped by date, for easier navigation and planning.

You can define unique broadcast settings for each stage, allowing for a continuous stream. You have the option to manually link talks individually, and you also have the choice to have all talks on a stage share the same broadcast page and settings.​

If there are available slots and you want to replace the text "there are no talks at this time," you can enter Edit Content mode on the Schedule page and overwrite the existing text.

To get more information on this, you can watch the following intro videos:
Linking Your Talks to a Stage
Stage Broadcast Options

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