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Talk Report: Attendance Statistics
Talk Report: Attendance Statistics
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You are keen to see who watched and engaged with your sessions, as understanding attendee participation is crucial for evaluating the effectiveness of your presentations, identifying areas for improvement, and gauging overall audience interest and interaction.

Our HeySummit report will show the talk title; attendee email address; whether they attended the session when it went live for the first time; whether they viewed the replay and the date/time they did so.

  1. Head to Reports > Talk Reports.

  2. Click on the Export button

  3. If you only want to export some of your sessions, sessions within a certain date range, or sessions from a certain category, you can do so by clicking the green number against each talk and then on the next page click the Export button.

  4. If you want to export all of your webinar reports, you can simply select "Export".

  5. You'll then be sent an email with the subject line "Your export request was processed!" when we have finished processing it. You can click the link included there to download the CSV file.

​And if you are in our Success Plan you can access the Attendance Insights per talk and attendee!

With this feature, you can track how long each attendee watches a live broadcast or replay for every talk in your event.

Please note that we do not track the exact duration of attendees' live broadcast participation, especially for talks set up with Native webinar integration, or External URLs that direct them to the respective platform to watch the session. However, for pre-recorded talks, the duration will be displayed, indicating how long they watched the 'live broadcast'.

In the case of a webinar talk, such as Zoom, we now display either an open eye or a crossed-out eye. The tooltip provides clearer information, including precise details about the duration the attendee spent watching the replay. The crossed-out eye indicates that the attendee has not watched the live broadcast or the replay. On the other hand, a green eye signifies that they've watched the live broadcast. You may notice that certain attendees have recorded minutes or seconds, indicating that they participated in both the live broadcast and the replay.

Simply navigate to the "Reports" section and select "Talk Report." You'll find a comprehensive list of all your event attendees right there. Clicking on each attendee allows you to access valuable insights, such as the number of talks they've registered for and the total duration they've spent watching individual talks.

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