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How To Set Attendee Limits For Your Talks
How To Set Attendee Limits For Your Talks
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We've refined the way you can set attendee limits for your talks, providing more control for both online and in-person formats.

You can set individual attendee limits for the online broadcast and the in-person version of a talk. Simply navigate to the talk you're working on, and click (...) > Advanced Settings.

Online Limit - If no limit is set, then the talk is unlimited.

In-Person Limit - If no limit is set (and no online attendee limit has been set), then the talk is unlimited.

Please note that when this limit is reached then no one else can add the talk to their schedule. Limits cannot be used in conjunction with the event's 'Register attendees for all talks' settings.

There will be a full talk badge added to the talk list in the dashboard to quickly indicate when a talk is at capacity.

Full talks are also displayed to attendees during the checkout process, making it clearer when a talk is no longer available. Additionally, if a talk limit is set and reached, then you try to import attendees into specific talks, we'll skip importing them into sessions that reached their attendance limit.

This provides better control over attendee management and a clearer understanding of talk capacity for both organizers and attendees.

Webinar provider settings:

Don't forget there might be attendee limits in the webinar provider, e.g. Zoom, BigMarker, too. Make sure that whatever you enter in HeySummit can be matched by your license.

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